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  1. 6/29/2022 12:32 PM

    In 1998, Tuned Air was used on the Nike Air Max Plus shoe with more of the intersection of mechanics and air cushioning. It is a combination of Nike Shox and Nike Air. It works by adding a mechanical hemisphere inside the Air-Sole unit to increase the stability of the shoe. Air Max Plus also ushered in its 20th year in 2019, following the legendary "Tuned" Air cushioning system of 1998 and the vibrant design lines, strong support and comfortable cushioning.

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  2. 6/28/2022 3:30 AM

    Adidas is one of the most famous sneaker supplier in the world. It produces many classic series during its long time history. Since 2015, Adidas goes to its top because of the birth of Adidas originals yeezy boost. The yeezy boost shoes are very popular. You may not wear Adidas shoes before. But from the sumer of 2015, you definitely heard the yeezy shoes which are hot sale from 2015 to 2019. The yeezy is different from other traditional Adidas shoes. The shape is definitely different from all classic ones. How can we know it? If you are a fun of Adidas or you have collection of Adidas, you can easily know the differences. Classic Adidas is not that shape. It is so simple but fashion. May old buyers even don’t think it is a real Adidas. Why does Adidas change its style and make this so unique sneaker? Let me tell you how the Adidas yeezy was designed and produced.

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